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Ways to give

You can buy a traditional ticket online or 

we accept these forms of payment for a $0 unTicket.


Kindness Wealth 

Do seven acts of kindness, spread some cheer and send us photos.


Creativity Wealth

Shoot a 5 minute selfie on why mindfulness matters to you.


Outreach Wealth

Are you an influencer? Help us spread the world through Social Media 


Silence Wealth

Meditation for 8 hours, and send us your reflections.

How it works

  1. Request an unTicket below.

  2. You'll soon receive an email with full details about how to participate in the form of alternative capital you’ve chosen.

  3. After completing, submit verification via stories, photos or reflection.

  4. You’ll then receive a promo code to receive a full After Mindfulness ticket via EventBrite.

Why unTicket


Wealth > Money

Money is a form of wealth, but there are many other kinds of capital. Time, community, attention.


Inclusive Generosity

We believe that generosity isn't a luxury sport. "There are a thousand ways to kneel" (Rumi) and a million ways to contribute.


Everyone thinks that if people are trusted to give, we'll have a "tragedy of the commons". We're testing that theory. :)

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Alternative forms of wealth 

Inclusive generosity