How to make your selfie

A few simple suggestions to record your video:


Camera setup: simply use your smartphone and shoot it in landscape mode or horizontally. The camera or phone should be directly in front of you shooting straight-on.


Location: A walk outside with minimum background noise, a quiet spot inside next to a window all both fine. If inside, position a bright window so the light is hitting your face diagonally and coming from 11 or 2 o’clock rather than from the side or straight on from the front. 


The two things we'd like for you to record are as follows:


An introduction of yourself and where you’re from.  Please be sure to mention at minimum After Mindfulness or 11th GCB at UC Berkeley this June. Add any upbeat feelings towards coming together this June with other Sanghas and like-minded organizations to share in applying the dharma to a movement of interconnectedness and love


State the question and then Answer: What does After Mindfulness mean to me? Please try and keep your answer to 5-6 minutes.


Feel free to either do this in two separate video clips or simply tackle the first step and then pause for a moment before beginning the second step.


Lastly, if you do this, we’ll of course, need your permission to share this on social media and on our website. Thanks again for helping us with these outreach efforts.


Thank you Everyone and Good luck with the video!


By uploading your selfie, you agree to allow us to share it on social media or our website to promote the After Mindfulness Urban Retreat. We may even find an Creativity Art Tent at the Festival to play some of the most impactful and touching stories for our attendees to view.

Privacy. If you do not wish to have your Creativity Submission made public, please do not use this form of Wealth for an Unticket. All submissions will be subject to publication.

Ways to give

You can buy a traditional ticket online or 

we accept these forms of payment for a $0 unTicket.


Kindness Wealth 

Do seven acts of kindness, spread some cheer and send us photos.


Creativity Wealth

Shoot a 5 minute selfie on why mindfulness matters to you.


Community Wealth

Volunteer at our event, or another nonprofit.


Silence Wealth

Meditation for 8 hours, and send us your reflections.