Insights from around the World

Learn from great teachers

Teachers from diverse traditions, backgrounds, and locations around the world will join together to share their own insights and personal stories, each bringing a unique perspective on how we can move beyond mindfulness alone to something greater.


Your MCs for the After Mindfulness talks

Angie Chew

Global Conference on Buddhism Founder


Brian Conroy

Buddhist Storytelling Circle Founder

San Jose, United States


What's After Mindfulness?

Taking your practice from your cushion to the World

Mindfulness Bliss and Beyond 

Ajahn Brahm

Perth, Australia

Deepening and Enriching Our Practices

Rev. Heng Sure 

Berkeley, United States

What About Enlightenment?

Nikki Mirghafori 

Mountain View, CA United States

Change Yourself, Change the World 

Nipun Metha 

Berkeley, CA United States



Redefining how we learn

Am I really practicing?

Zilong Wang

Global Traveler

Compassionate Connections: Loving Kindness across Cultures 

Karma Lekshe Tsomo

San Diego, CA United States

Mutual Healing through Self Transformation

Drukmo Gyal 

Tongso, Tibet

Living a Memory:

How We Construct The Here And Now 

Richard Dixey 

Berkeley, United States

Right and Wrong Mindfulness: 

A Theravada Buddhist Perspective

Piyal Walpola

Toronto, Canada

Rev. Kiyonobu Joshin Kuwahara

Berkeley, USA



Creating a life rooted in caring

Innovative Approaches to Compassionate Action

Lew Lancaster

Petaluma, United States

A New Paradigm: The Buddha’s Teachings on Environment 

Ayya Tathaloka 

Dhammadharini Sangha, USA / Dhammakhema Trust, Sri Lanka

What is Understanding 

Ven. Dr. Pannavati

North Carolina, United States



Engaging beyond the self

Transformation and Compassion Behind Razor-Wired Fences

Ven. De Hong

Los Angeles, United States

Reflections on Limitless Contemplations of Love, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity 

Pema Deki

Thimphu Bhutan

Social Justice

Rev. Hozan Alan Senauke & Pankaj Meshram

Berkeley, USA

Building Heartful Community

Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu

Palo Alto, USA

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