Sarah's Story

Sarah grew up with addict parents both of whom passed away early in her life. While struggling with constant panic attacks, she discovered new peace when a childhood friend introduced her to an Ajahn Brahm video about death. This began her journey into Buddhist teachings and ultimately connected her to us. Having never experienced Buddhism except through online videos and readings, Sarah reached out to us eager to join us this Summer at the After Mindfulness Urban Retreat.


We're so excited to host her story and many others as speakers such as Ajahn Brahm gather with us from all over the world to explore how Buddhist teachings empower us to find our voice and true happiness for the greater good of our global family.

Join After Mindfulness Urban Retreat

For two days, teachers from diverse traditions, backgrounds, and locations around the world will join together to share their own insights and personal stories, each bringing a unique perspective on how we can move beyond mindfulness alone to something greater. Talks include:

What about


Nikki Mirghafori 

Mountain View, USA

Deepening and Enriching Our Practices

Rev. Heng Sure

Berkeley, USA

The Buddha’s Teachings

on Environment 

Ayya Tathaloka 

Sri Lanka

Mutual Healing through Self Transformation

Drukmo Gyal

Tongso, Tibet