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Together, we can connect the community

On June 29-30, hundreds will join together in Berkeley to ask the question “What’s After Mindfulness?” Together, we hope to build bridges in a way that continues well past the two days of the conference. Your organization might be a tremendous asset for that emergence as we cultivate wisdom and compassion and truly connect with the world in which we live.​​

We offer event partners


After Mindfulness is a strictly non-commercial event -- all costs are generously covered by an unsolicited grant. Our organizing team is volunteer-driven and all proceeds will be donated to nonprofit organizations. Through this process, it would be an honor to simply learn more about your work and support its flow in the world.



We are piloting an experiment of offering tickets to our partners and their communities through “alternate forms of capital” like kindness, creativity, community, and silence.​ As a partner you would select what expression of wealth (and virtue) you would like to encourage through this process.



In addition to sharing your story on our website and social media, we offer partners an opportunity to engage with the hundreds of attendees at the After Mindfulness' outdoor Festival of sharing. Here, attendees can practice giving, receiving, and letting go of any expectation of a transactional exchange. Some ways to engage beyond commerce:

  • Deep listening service

  • Prayer flag making

  • Almsgiving practice or participation

  • Buddhist book and text sharing

  • Body movement practices like Kum Nye, Yoga or Qi Gong 

  • Monastic meal distribution

  • Chanting and other group spiritual practices

  • Small group guided meditation

  • Healing and massage

  • Artistic Gifts

  • Musical sharing or open jam sessions 

This is given freely

By offering this opportunity to you for free, we trust that it will collectively awaken creative solutions that may help alleviate some suffering in the world.

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