Exclusive Imee Ooi and JSJG concert for After Mindfulness attendees

Embrace loving kindness through music

To close the After Mindfulness Urban Retreat, attendees will have a chance to hear Malaysia’s premier Buddhist musical group perform their mesmerizing “Sounds of Metta” for the first time anywhere in the United States.

For two days, teachers from diverse traditions, backgrounds, and locations around the world will join together to share their own insights and personal stories, each bringing a unique perspective on how we can move beyond mindfulness alone to something greater. Talks include:

What about


Nikki Mirghafori 

Mountain View, USA

Deepening and Enriching Our Practices

Rev. Heng Sure

Berkeley, USA

The Buddha’s Teachings

on Environment 

Ayya Tathaloka 

Sri Lanka

Mutual Healing through Self Transformation

Drukmo Gyal

Tongso, Tibet

Imee Ooi and JSJG

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​This special private concert is open to all registered After Mindfulness attendees. You will not need a separate ticket to attend.

About Imee Ooi and JSJG

As Levy’s used to say “You don't have to be Jewish to enjoy bagels” we feel you don’t have to be Buddhist to enjoy Imee Ooi and JSJG. Ooi’s serenely pure voice and unique sense of musical arrangements has established her own genre, spreading the sounds of Dharma through Sutras, Mantras, and free composition. In 2015, Ooi formed JSJG (Jing Shi Jin Gang), an eight vocalist group to support a common goal of preforming songs of loving kindness, peace and light.

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Enjoy Sounds of Metta