Urban Retreat

2 Days of Meditation + Yoga + Talks + Festival


JUNE 29-30, 2019





This June, hundreds from around the Bay Area and the World will join together in Berkeley for an Urban Retreat to ask “What’s After Mindfulness?”


The Retreat will offer 3 tracks throughout the weekend:

World-class event venue

Zellerbach Hall

Lower Sproul Plaza

Vibrant outdoor gathering spot

MLK Student Union

A spacious, quiet space

All event activities will take place in a central location on the UC Berkeley campus, creating opportunities for learning, community building, random interactions, and individual contemplation. Local restaurants will offer vegetarian street food tents on site for a fully immersive gathering of activities.


Each day, during an outdoor festival of sharing, you can practice giving and receiving with the simple goal of sensing your own experience. Let go of any expectation of a transactional exchange other than a connection and an internal shift. Learn more...


Learn transformative and inspirational personal journeys from a group of amazing speakers on Buddhist teachings of love, joy, health, work, family, communities, and the environment. Learn more...

Program Highlights

Morning Practice

Guided Meditation or Qigong

Morning Presentations  

Talks, Stories, Panel Discussions

Outdoor Festival

Interact, Engage more deeply, or Experience Joy when giving.

Afternoon Presentations 

Talks, Panel Discussion and Closing statement for the day

Open Time

Group hikes, group yoga, affinity group gatherings, 

meet and greet dinners


Our Host

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 12.54.49 PM.pn

Event proceeds will support the works of our partners:

Service Space -  Sponsor of 11th Global conference on Buddhism UC Berkely 2019

Innovation in alternate forms of capital

Innovation in alternate forms of capital


Supporting Monastic Women in Buddhism (Theravada Bhikkhuni Sangha)


A home for Buddhist

study and community

Dharma Colledge -  Sponsor of 11th Global conference on Buddhism UC Berkely 2019

Awakening Wisdom in Community

Berkeley Buddhist Monastery -  Sponsor of 11th Global conference on Buddhism UC Berkely 2019

Bridging a Cultural Exchange in Dharma Arts


Teaching through experiences