A Festival of Sharing

Turn insights into practice

Between talks, there will be an outdoor festival where attendees and event partners can let go of transactional exchanges and practice giving and receiving with the simple goal of connecting and sensing their own experience. It’s a festival of sharing.

"Meditation is inner service and service is outer meditation."
Dada Shambhushivananda

Generosity was the first virtue on Buddha’s list of 10 perfections (“paramitas”). It unlocks a profound inner transformation, that helps us cultivate many other virtues and awaken our true nature.  


Each day from 11am-2pm, the 11th Conference on Buddhism will host an outdoor festival on the UC Berkeley campus, where attendees can practice generosity in real time, as a community experiment in giftivism: radically generous acts that change ourselves and change the world.

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Meet Our Festival Partners

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The Vision

The Festival of Sharing is an invitation to shift from transaction to trust and consumption to contribution. It is an opportunity for our collective community to tap into an experience of value creation led by generosity. Through engaged participation in giving and receiving, the virtues of inclusiveness, oneness, and interconnectedness come alive.

How It Works

Festival partners such as Sangha groups, nonprofits, local businesses, as well as individuals will host outdoor tents of unique offerings to share with conference participants in diverse forms of capital. Rather than a quid-pro-quo market, this is an opportunity for all present to engage and unlock community wealth in the forms of presence, attention, knowledge, art, inspiration, creativity, compassion and beyond.


Examples of festival offerings include:

  • prayer flag making

  • pay-it-forward body work or healing

  • guided meditations

  • sharing of Buddhist books and texts

  • crafts from local artisans

  • storytelling and listening

  • an alternate forms of capital auction

  • sharing of music

  • tea ceremony

  • and more...

Get More Involved

Learn how to become a festival partner, experiment with multiple forms of currency, sign up to volunteer, invite others, or tell us your ideas.


With each act of sharing, we can send a small ripple into a vast potential for spreading global compassion.

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