A Unique Urban Retreat

The Bay Area of Northern California in 2018 can rightly be considered one of the historical Buddhist capitals of the world in terms of diversity. Many authentic Buddhist traditions are flourishing ­in the fertile soil of the Bay Area.

We will be bringing together representatives of these diverse traditions to open access to their best Dharma practices. We will invite men and women, students, youth, beginners and experienced practitioners from all religions to come investigate and gain access to tools from all over the Buddhist world.


You're Invited

GCB11: What's After Mindfulness is a gathering for people from all perspectives seeking greater awareness and inspiration in their relationships and principles, work and leisure activities, use of the planet's resources,  interactions with others from different backgrounds, one's movement in sports, art, and yoga, and in one's psychological and spiritual practices -- if they have one.  


Combine Learning and Practice

Mindfulness was invented/discovered by the Buddha in 550 bc to address the problem of his  understanding of the sources of stress and  distress in the world about him.  In today’s highly  technological global economy, troubled by climate change, inequality, nationalism and intolerance, we need an expanded concept to wisely manage a much more complex set of personal and external pressures.  Hence “What's after Mindfulness?”


Create Connections

The conference brings together a diverse set of speakers, from many fields and traditions, including some Buddhist monastics and scholars, who will share their personal stories of how  they have brought greater awareness, intention, integrity and patience into their own lives, which hopefully will offer some useful wise lessons to others.  As the program details, there will be many opportunities to practice these ideas.

Come discover more genuine gateways into the teachings of wisdom and compassion than you knew existed.

Unite learning with practice

Mindfulness has become so popular, it’s now become a personal lifestyle brand. On June 29-30, Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike from around the Bay Area and the World will join together in Berkeley, California to ask the question “What’s After Mindfulness?”

Our Host

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